Performence at ITB International Tourism Fair, Berlin / 9./10./11. March 2018
blossoms, voice, flute, sound effetcs, gesso, trolly
with Andrea Hilger, OSTRALE Biennale, Representation of the State of Saxony

ITB2 ITB3 ITB4 Schmidtfoto ITB5 ITB6 ITB7 ITB8 ITB9 ITB10 ITB11 ITB12 ITB13 ITB14 Schmidtfoto ITB16 ITB17 ITB18






exhibition at Galerie „vorn und oben“ Eupen, Belgium / 18.2. – 8.4.2018
Drawings, Video Works, Polaroid Prints, Polaroid Type Writer
Duo Exhibition with Robin Pourbaix
opening speach: Andrea Hilger, Director OSTRALE Biennale
Performance: „haufen“ by Anne Müller
Invitation as pdf

VO_018_1 VO_018_2 VO_018_3 VO_018_4 VO_018_5 VO_018_6 VO_018_7 VO_018_8 VO_018_9 VO_018_10 VO_018_11 VO_018_12 VO_018_13 VO_018_14 VO_018_15 VO_018_16 VO_018_17 VO_018_18 VO_018_19 VO_018_20 VO_018_21 VO_018_22 VO_018_23 VO_018_24 VO_018_25 VO_018_26 VO_018_27 VO_018_28 VO_018_29 VO_018_30 VO_018_31 VO_018_32 VO_018_33 VO_018_34 VO_018_35 VO_018_36 VO_018_37 VO_018_38 VO_018_39 VO_018_40





exhibition at „Zeche Fürst Leopold“ in Dorsten / 30.7. – 29.9.2017
organized by „virtuell/visuell e.V.“
Artists: Anne Müller + Martin Müller
solo performance „haufen“, Anne Müller
exhibition intruduction, Andrea Hilger

ZecheFL017_1 ZecheFL017_38 ZecheFL017_37 ZecheFL017_36 ZecheFL017_35 ZecheFL017_34 ZecheFL017_33 ZecheFL017_32 ZecheFL017_31 ZecheFL017_30 ZecheFL017_29 ZecheFL017_28 ZecheFL017_27 ZecheFL017_26 ZecheFL017_25 ZecheFL017_24 ZecheFL017_23 ZecheFL017_22 ZecheFL017_21 ZecheFL017_20 ZecheFL017_19 ZecheFL017_18 ZecheFL017_17 ZecheFL017_16 ZecheFL017_15 ZecheFL017_14 ZecheFL017_13 ZecheFL017_12 ZecheFL017_11 ZecheFL017_10 ZecheFL017_9 ZecheFL017_8 ZecheFL017_7 ZecheFL017_6 ZecheFL017_5 ZecheFL017_4 ZecheFL017_3 ZecheFL017_2





MEDIATRIXISM / „Valletta International Visual Arts (VIVA) Festival“
Exhibition at the“German-Maltese Circle“, Valletta, Malta / www.viva.org.mt
Artists: Anne Müller, Martin Müller / Curator: Andrea Hilger / 15.4. – 15.5. 2017
„Fondazzjoni Kreattività“, „St James Cavalier“, „Goethe Institute“, „META Foundation“

VIVA_1  VIVA_3  VIVA_4  VIVA_5  VIVA_7  VIVA_8  VIVA_9  VIVA_11  VIVA_13  VIVA_14  VIVA_15  VIVA_16  VIVA_17  VIVA_18  VIVA_19  VIVA_20  VIVA_21  VIVA_23  VIVA_24  VIVA_26  VIVA_27  VIVA_28  VIVA_29  VIVA_31  VIVA_33  VIVA_34  VIVA_36  VIVA_37  VIVA_38  VIVA_39  VIVA_40  VIVA_41  VIVA_42  VIVA_44  VIVA_45  VIVA_47  VIVA_48  VIVA_49





„Kunstwechsel Siegen“

KunstwechselSiegen_2  KunstwechselSiegen_20  KunstwechselSiegen_19  KunstwechselSiegen_18  KunstwechselSiegen_17  KunstwechselSiegen_16  KunstwechselSiegen_15  KunstwechselSiegen_14  KunstwechselSiegen_13  KunstwechselSiegen_12  KunstwechselSiegen_11  KunstwechselSiegen_10  KunstwechselSiegen_9  KunstwechselSiegen_8  KunstwechselSiegen_7  KunstwechselSiegen_6  KunstwechselSiegen_5  KunstwechselSiegen_3





„Gozo Contemporary“
Artist in Residence Gozo,Malta / 1.-21.11.2016 / with Martin Müller
A programme by „Fondazzjoni Kreattività–Spazju Kreattiv“/“St. James Cavalier Valletta“/„META Foundation“

gozocontemporary_21  gozocontemporary_25  gozocontemporary_24  gozocontemporary_23  gozocontemporary_22 gozocontemporary_1  gozocontemporary_18  gozocontemporary_20  gozocontemporary_19  gozocontemporary_17  gozocontemporary_16  gozocontemporary_15  gozocontemporary_14  gozocontemporary_13  gozocontemporary_12  gozocontemporary_11  gozocontemporary_10  gozocontemporary_9  gozocontemporary_8  gozocontemporary_7  gozocontemporary_6  gozocontemporary_5  gozocontemporary_4  gozocontemporary_3  gozocontemporary_2  snackmachine_gozo016_5  snackmachine_gozo016_4  snackmachine_gozo016_3  snackmachine_gozo016_2  snackmachine_gozo016_1





solo exhibition „silent doings“
at „onomato“ Düsseldorf / 16.- 25.9.2016
video installations, polaroid/type writer,  polaroid prints/stamps
presented by „Weithorn Galerie“
Performance: „POF (pink of fame)“, Anne Müller+Ludwig Kuckartz

pof_onomato_6  onomato_79  onomato_78  onomato_77  onomato_76  onomato_75  onomato_74  onomato_73  onomato_72  onomato_71  onomato_70  onomato_69  onomato_68  onomato_67  onomato_66  onomato_65  onomato_64  onomato_63  onomato_62  onomato_61  onomato_60  onomato_59  onomato_58  onomato_57  onomato_56  onomato_55  onomato_54  onomato_53  onomato_52  onomato_51  onomato_50  onomato_49  onomato_48  onomato_47  onomato_46    onomato_44  onomato_43  onomato_42  onomato_41  onomato_40  onomato_39  onomato_38  onomato_37  onomato_36  onomato_34  onomato_33  onomato_32  onomato_31  onomato_30  onomato_28  onomato_27  onomato_26  onomato_25  onomato_24  onomato_22  onomato_21  onomato_20  onomato_19  onomato_18  onomato_17  onomato_16  onomato_15  onomato_14  onomato_13  onomato_12  onomato_11  onomato_10  onomato_9  onomato_8  onomato_7  onomato_6  onomato_5  onomato_4  onomato_3  onomato_2  onomato_1  pof_onomato_4  pof_onomato_3  pof_onomato_2  pof_onomato_1  video_onomato_13  video_onomato_12  video_onomato_11  video_onomato_10  video_onomato_9  video_onomato_8  video_onomato_7  video_onomato_6  video_onomato_5  video_onomato_4  video_onomato_3  video_onomato_2





„European Capital of Culture Wroclaw 2016“, Poland
a project by „OSTRALE weht ODER“
at “Browar Mieszczański“ Wroclaw / 13.5. – 31.7. 2016

ModernTrust_1  ModernTrust_20  ModernTrust_19  ModernTrust_18  ModernTrust_17  ModernTrust_16  ModernTrust_15  ModernTrust_14  ModernTrust_13  ModernTrust_12  ModernTrust_11  ModernTrust_10  ModernTrust_9  ModernTrust_8  ModernTrust_7  ModernTrust_6  ModernTrust_5  ModernTrust_4  ModernTrust_3  ModernTrust_2





„Kunstquartier Bethanien“ Berlin
„A Time of Gathering“, group exhibition: Norbert Francis Attard, Andrea Hilger, Martin Müller, Anne Müller, Johannes Göbel / 30.10. – 8.11.2015

SD_Bethanien015_19  SD_Bethanien015_18  SD_Bethanien015_17  SD_Bethanien015_16  SD_Bethanien015_15  SD_Bethanien015_14  SD_Bethanien015_13  SD_Bethanien015_12  SD_Bethanien015_11  SD_Bethanien015_10  SD_Bethanien015_9  SD_Bethanien015_8  SD_Bethanien015_7  SD_Bethanien015_6  SD_Bethanien015_5  SD_Bethanien015_4  SD_Bethanien015_3  SD_Bethanien015_2  SD_Bethanien015_1





„Kunstraum Göbel“
Bonn / 31.1. – 15.3.2016

SD_KunstraumGöbel016_18  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_17  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_16  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_15  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_14  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_13  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_12  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_11  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_10  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_9  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_8  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_7  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_6  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_5  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_4  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_3  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_2  SD_KunstraumGöbel016_1  canvas_Göbel016_1  canvas_Göbel016_10  canvas_Göbel016_9  canvas_Göbel016_8  canvas_Göbel016_7  canvas_Göbel016_6  canvas_Göbel016_5  canvas_Göbel016_4  canvas_Göbel016_3  canvas_Göbel016_2





Galerie „vorn und oben“
Eupen, Belgium / Dec. 2015

SD_vornundoben015_6  SD_vornundoben015_5  SD_vornundoben015_4  SD_vornundoben015_3  SD_vornundoben015_2  SD_vornundoben015_1





„OSTRALE´015 -Festival for contemporary arts“, Dresden
14 x „pantalong I“, graphit, acrylic, 80×100 cm / 10.7. – 27.9. 2015

cancas_O15_1  cancas_O15_9  cancas_O15_8  cancas_O15_7  cancas_O15_6  cancas_O15_5  cancas_O15_4  cancas_O15_3  cancas_O15_2