POF pink of fame

POF pink of fame is a 2016 new founded experimental laboratory by Anne Müller and Ludwig Kuckartz. Contemporary compositions with analogue and digital instruments, „super pop lyrics“. Expansive, absurd stories, rotate like a boomerang, hit.

Anne Müller: voc, sounds
Ludwig Kuckartz: electronics, sounds


at „onomato“ Düsseldorf
presented by „Weithorn Galerie“ / 16.-25.9. 2016


pof_onomato_1 pof_onomato_2 pof_onomato_3 pof_onomato_4 pof_onomato_6




Artists for Refugees programme / Borken / 16.3.2016


POF_borken_1 POF_borken_2v POF_borken_3 POF_borken_4 POF_borken_5POF_borken_6 POF_borken_7 POF_borken_8 POF_borken_9 POF_borken_10 POF_borken_18 POF_borken_17 POF_borken_16 POF_borken_15 POF_borken_14 POF_borken_13 POF_borken_12 POF_borken_11







sonne_bad is a project by Anne Müller and Ludwig Kuckartz

The primal sonne_bad was a video sculpture by video and sound artist Ludwig Kuckartz in 2007. In 2010 Ludwig Kuckartz started to collaborate with the duo avocado by Anne Müller and Andreas Göbel. Togehter they created the concert performance project sonne_bad. To link analogue music with digital sounds and video art. An additional speciality of sonne_bad is the transformation of „real working spots“ spaces like butcheries or offices into poetic worlds. Since 2011 sonne_bad is also realized as workshop with all people of society. Giving handicaped people, children and teenager, refugies and old people the intuitive possibilitie of expression.

In the meantime 13 sonne_bad projects were realized.

„Malkasten“ Künstlerverein Düsseldorf
sonne_bad, Ludwig Kuckartz+Anne Müller / paintings, Martin Müller
hillumination, Andrea Hilger / ex artist, Benjamin Fleig



Lawyer`s Office
sonne_bad at a real Lawer`s Office / 2013
Ludwig Kuckart, Anne Müller, Saliha Shagasi, Franz Mestre and pensioners



sonne_bad at a real Butchery / 2012
Ludwig Kuckart, Anne Müller, Andreas Göbel



Anne Müller, Ludwig Kuckartz, Andreas Göbel / hillumination, Andrea Hilger
at „OSTRALE – Festival for Contemporary Arts“ / 2011



Bonner Kunstverein
sonne_bad, Anne Müller, Ludwig Kuckartz, Andreas Göbel / 2011






avocado / 2006 – 2013 / Anne Müller (voc, fl), Andreas Göbel (g)

The self-composed songs of the duo melting together in the most intimite cast with unsusual ingredients: Bossa Nova Jazz with German lyrics. avocado did play several hundred concerts, concert tours through Brazil and Latvia invited by the „Goethe Institute“, was represented at festivals and involved in film music projects.

Selection of performing venues,

A-Trane, Berlin
Passionskirche, Berlin
Suermondt-Luwig-Museum, Aachen
Bonner Kunstverein
b-flat, Berlin
Goethe Institut Brazil, concert workshop tour through Brazil
Alter Schlachthof, Eupen, Belgien
Universität der Künste, Berlin
Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Berlin
Kino Sputnik, Berlin
KuKuK,Raeren, Belgien
Lingnerschloss, Dresden
Aufsturz, Berlin
Forum Brasil, Berlin
Teehaus im Englischen Garten, Berlin
OSTRALE-Festival for contemporary Arts, Dresden
Potsdamer Chansonfestival
Schwartzsche Villa, Berlin
Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche, Berlin
Festivals Acoustic Grooves
myfest, für ViVA CON AGUA, Berlin
Sepp Maiers 2raumwohnung, Berlin
Osterkirche, für ViVA CON AGUA, Berlin
Balcony TV, Hamburg
Pony Bar, Hamburg
Baltisch-Deutsches Hochschulkontor
Goethe Institut Latvia, concert workshop tour
Neukölner Oper, Berlin
Junction Bar, Berlin
Kammersaal Friedenau, Berlin
Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin
Kunstfabrik Schlot, Berlin
Zimmer 16, Berlin
Live auf Radio Eins
Muschi Obermaier, Berlin

avocado1 avocado2 avocado3 avocado4 avocado5 avocado6 avocado7 avocado8 avocado11 avocado9 avocado10 avocado14 avocado15 avocado16 avocado17 avocado18 avocado19 avocado20 avocado13 avocado12 avocado21 avocado22 avocado23 avocado24 avocado25 avocado26 avocado27 avocado28 avocado29 avocado30  avocado31 avocado32 avocado33 avocado34 avocado35



 „raus“ / live in Curitiba
concert tour through Brazil / 2012
invited by the „Goethe Institute“



„Herje“ / live in Rio de Janeiro
concert tour through Brazil / 2012
invited by the „Goethe Institute“



„ganz klein“ / live in Curitiba
concert tour through Brazil / 2012
invited by the „Goethe Institute“



avocado in Latvia
concert and workshop tour / 2009
invited by the „Goethe Institute Latvia“ and the „Baltisch Deutsches Hochschulkontor“



Balcony Day /Eupen, Belgium / 2010