voice, flute, violin, noises, sound effect, blossoms, body
at ITB International Tourism Fair, Berlin / 9./10./11. March 2018
with Andrea Hilger, OSTRALE Biennale, Representation of the State of Saxony

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voice, violin, noises, sound effect, blossoms, body
at Galerie „vorn und oben“ / 17.2.2018

VO_018_18 VO_018_24 VO_018_23





voice, flute, noises, sound effect, blossoms, body
at „Zeche Fürst Lepold“ / 30.7.2017


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„heaven is inside heaven is outside“
voice, instruments, noises, sound effects, potatos, knife, water

at „Valletta International Visual Arts (VIVA) Festival“, Valletta, Malta / 18.4.2017
„German-Maltese Circle“, „Fondazzjoni Kreattività“, „St James Cavalier“, „Goethe Institute“, „META Foundation“

Manual: How to be.
Imitated from what I saw some while ago.
Try to be indifferent for connection.
Study accurate: Boil the outside. Eat the outside. Shelter the outside.
Thrash the inside. The round, light-yellow one.
Feed me. No lies.


heavenVIVA017_1 heavenVIVA017_2 heavenVIVA017_3 heavenVIVA017_4 heavenVIVA017_5 heavenVIVA017_6 heavenVIVA017_7 heavenVIVA017_8 heavenVIVA017_9 heavenVIVA017_10 heavenVIVA017_11 heavenVIVA017_12 heavenVIVA017_13 heavenVIVA017_14 heavenVIVA017_15 heavenVIVA017_16 heavenVIVA017_17 heavenVIVA017_18 heavenVIVA017_19 heavenVIVA017_20 heavenVIVA017_21 heavenVIVA017_22






I love Volk

„I love Volk“ picks up one of the reccuring elements in Anne Müllers work: language. The performance incorporates political and social developements in societies as essence impuls, without describing them in a linear way, but to deform it radically and poetically at the same time. „I love Volk, you love Volk, he loves Volk, she loves Volk, it loves Volk…“


“Browar Mieszczański“ Wroclaw, Poland in the context of „European Capital of Culture 2016“
a project by „OSTRALE weht ODER“ / 13.5. – 31.7. 2016

ModernTrust_18  ModernTrust_17  ModernTrust_16 ModernTrust_19 ModernTrust_20



At „MiserArt Center“ Wroclaw, Poland in the context of the European project „openHUB Europe“ / Sep.2016

ilovevolk_miserart_2 ilovevolk_miserart_3 ilovevolk_miserart_4 ilovevolk_miserart_5 ilovevolk_miserart_1