eher sandig / video sketches produced in church
in the context of the project „eher sandig“ with Martin Müller
open studio / performances / encounters
1.-30. September 2020 at St. Johanniskirche, Brandenburg an der Havel
project documentation:













produced for the 10 hour Performance / 15. March  2020 / 3 am – 1 pm
3 – 5 am: wake up
5 – 7 am: work
7 – 9 am: eat
9 – 11 am: cleaning
11 am – 1 pm: song
at Pumpwerk Siegburg / Kunstverein Rhein-Sieg-Kreis






permanent, public, 14 m high, 6 part video installation / 2020
at Mintrops Concierge Hotel Essen
screening hours:
October-February 6-8 am, 5-0 pm
March 6-8 am, 6-0 pm
April 5-7 am, 7-0 pm
May-September 8-02 pm



MintropsConcierge_1 MintropsConcierge_2 MintropsConcierge_3 MintropsConcierge_4 MintropsConcierge_5 MintropsConcierge_6 MintropsConcierge_7 MintropsConcierge_8 MintropsConcierge_9 MintropsConcierge_10 MintropsConcierge_11 MintropsConcierge_12 MintropsConcierge_13 MintropsConcierge_14 MintropsConcierge_15 MintropsConcierge_16 MintropsConcierge_17 MintropsConcierge_18 MintropsConcierge_19






three-part video-sound / 2018
exhibition view at Galerie „vorn und oben“ Eupen, Belgium

Hi1 Hi2 Hi3 Hi4 Hi5 Hi6 Hi7






three-part video-sound / 2017
exhibition view at„Zeche Fürst Leopold“ – „virtuell/visuell e.V.“

ZecheFL017_14 ZecheFL017_13 ZecheFL017_12 ZecheFL017_11 ZecheFL017_10 ZecheFL017_9 ZecheFL017_4






four-part video-sound / documentation / 2017
„Archeology of Lure. Every second is past. Every flap of a bumblebee is already a relict of a past happening. Study accurate.
The dead bumblebee is still flying in a museum of everyday relicts. The supermarked advertises remnants of foreign, past lives.
Captured by the never ending water drop. It`s still green. The hunting horn is still luring.“






four-part video-sound / documentation / 2017
„Hardly to find the power source. On the stacked house, important. The day begin and end. In the house left.
Sea and skin like one. Unperceived anywhere. Longing clenches. The beans clatter to the melody of homeland.“






heaven is inside heaven is outside
two-part video-sound / excerpt / 2017
„Berlin. December 2016. On the head we progress. Hong Kong. You are wanted.“
The Video is also part of the performance „heaven is inside heaven is outside“:






Something Similar Like Hurricane (1)
three-part video-sound /documentation / 2016
„Watch translated. The mirrored segment through the transparent. The shadow of bee and blossom.
My eye restricted. Frames hold savely. The drop still sounds deep down.“






Something Similar Like Hurricane (2)
three-part video-sound / excerpt / 2017
„Pause with calming sounds.“






Snack Machine

four-part video-sound installation / 2016
Artist in Residence Gozo, Malta / „Fondazzjoni Kreattività–Spazju Kreattiv“/
„St. James Cavalier Valletta“/„META Foundation“

„Try to escape from the circulating structures of relations. Or? Found how to be with others in
the traditions of others. Because they lived it must have been successful. Sometimes hide in the
sheltered grot. Observing for a precious hint, like, follow the blossoms. No. Follow the swimmer.“


snackmachine_gozo016_1 snackmachine_gozo016_2 snackmachine_gozo016_3 snackmachine_gozo016_4 snackmachine_gozo016_5






Modern Trust
four-part video-sound installation / documentation / 2016

„A contemporary fairy tale.
Landgasthof in Brandenburg.
The territory is watched.
The territory isliberated.
By the silly rider.
Freehand ball game.
The sequences of movements simply to similar.
Hong Kong or so.
Fish in mouth.
He purres. I love life.“

Realized for the European Capital of Culture Wroclaw, Poland.


ModernTrust_1 ModernTrust_2 ModernTrust_3 ModernTrust_4 ModernTrust_5 ModernTrust_6 ModernTrust_7 ModernTrust_8 ModernTrust_9 ModernTrust_10 ModernTrust_11 ModernTrust_12 ModernTrust_13 ModernTrust_14 ModernTrust_15 ModernTrust_20






Happy Birthday

four-part video-sound installations / documentation / 2016
at „onomato“ Düsseldorf, presented by „Weithorn Galerie“

„In Beirut will be celebrated. Cheers to Life that`s driving so delightful infront of us. So tame
hanging on the floor. Full wishes in the lugguage and in the morning. Woke up.“


video_onomato_2 video_onomato_3 video_onomato_4 video_onomato_5 video_onomato_6 video_onomato_7 video_onomato_8 video_onomato_9 video_onomato_10 video_onomato_11 video_onomato_12 video_onomato_13





Gelee Royal

sound installation out of the Hoover
at „OSTRALE-Festival for contemporary Arts“ / 2010








sound installation out of the Toilet
at „OSTRALE-Festival for contemporary Arts“ / 2009